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Mini-challenge solutions

Program Review: Forward to Stop Line

  • The program shown below is a sample solution to the Forward to Stop Line Mini-Challenge from Forward Until Color 3.
  • The solution below is for robots that are driving on a black road with yellow markings.
Hover on any block in the program to view a detailed explanation.
1_SetMultipleMotors_Block Turns motors B and C on at 30% power. Starts moving the robot forward. StopMultipleMotors block will be needed to stop the robot later.
2_WaitUntil_ Stops the program from processing additional commands until the Color Sensor value equals to 'colorYellow'. Robot waits until it sees Yellow line on the black road.
3_StopMultipleMotors_Blah Stops motors B and C. Stops the robot (after the WaitUntil block finishes).