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Mini-challenge solutions

Program Review: 85cm Distance Challenge

Review the program below.

Program Review: Cargo Retrieval

  • The program shown below is a sample solution to the Cargo Retrieval Mini-Challenge from Moving Forward 4. The program makes the robot move forward, retrieve a cargo box that is 50 cm away, then return home with it.
  • It assumes that the robot starts out with its arm raised all the way up.
Hover on any block in the program to view a detailed explanation.
1_Forward_Block Moves the robot forward 2.5 rotations at 50% power. The robot drives forward towards the object.
2_MoveMotor_Blah Moves the arm motor for -90 degrees. This lowers the robot's arm onto the object, assuming the arm was raised all the way up in the beginning.
3_Backward_Block Moves the robot backwards 2.5 rotation at 50% power. The robot drives backwards to bring the object back to the beginning.