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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. To add a command to the program, you...
    2. Drag a command block from the list on the left to the program on the right
      Type the command into the blanks
      Select "Add Command" from the "Programs" menu
      Speak the command, "Add Program Block" into the computer's microphone
    3. 2. What do the first two boxes on the Forward command block control?
    4. Direction of the robot's movement
      How fast the robot moves
      How far the robot moves
      Which motors to turn on
    5. 3. What does the final box on the Forward command block control?
    6. The Distance of the Forward movement
      The Duration of the Forward movement
      The Speed of the Forward movement
      Which motors to turn on
    Mini Challenge

    Mini Challenge 1: 85cm Distance Challenge

    Program your robot to travel exactly 85 cm!
    • Place two pieces of tape so they are 85cm apart from each other.
    • Place your robot so that the front wheels are on the tape.

    Change the distance your robot travels by changing the number of Rotations it is programmed to go.

    You can use decimal rotations or switch the Unit setting to degrees to make smaller adjustments.

    + hint
    Try It!
    Try it! 1

    Backward Command

    What happens when you use a Backward command in your program
    instead of a Forward command?

    Click one of the RGB Files linked to the right,
    and write a program using a Backward command instead. Try it!

    What happens?
    The backward command makes the robot move backward instead of forward, using the exact same command details as the forward movement.
    Try It!
    Try it! 2

    Timing-based Movement

    What happens if you choose "Seconds" as the unit in a Forward movement command? Try it!

    What happens?
    Instead of moving forward for exactly 3 wheel rotations, the robot moves forward for 3 seconds.
    Try it! 3

    Speed Control

    What does the third blank in the Forward command control?

    Change the value in the third blank from 50 to 25, then download and run your program again. What changes? Try it!

    What happens?
    The robot's speed decreases from 50% to 25%, so it moves more slowly..