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Topics Covered

  • ROBOTC Graphical
  • Command Blocks
  • Moving Forward Program
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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. What is the name of the programming software for the VEX IQ?
    2. VEXIQ-C
    3. 2. To make sure ROBOTC is properly configured to program the VEX IQ, you should:
    4. Make sure that the “Robot” > “Platform Type” is set to “VEX IQ”
      Make sure that the “Robot” > “Compiler Target” is set to “Physical Robot” when you’re using a real VEX IQ robot
      Make sure that the “Robot” > “Compiler Target” is set to “Virtual Worlds” when you’re using a virtual VEX IQ robot
      All of the above
    5. 3. You can build a ROBOTC Graphical program by:
    6. Dragging commands from the Graphical Functions area on the left, and dropping them into the program area on the right.
      Using text-to-speech on your computer to dictate what you want the robot to do.
      Typing all of the commands and syntax very carefully.
      Reverse engineering the firmware loaded on the VEX IQ Brain.
    7. 4. True or False: Robots run commands one-at-a-time, starting at the top of the program.
    8. True: The robot runs in sequence, starting from the top to the bottom.
      False: The robot runs lines that has highest priority.
    9. 5. True or False: The boxes built into a command block allows you to change how the robot will run that command.
    10. True: The boxes changes how the robot runs that command.
      False: Changing the boxes doesn't affect how the robot would run that command.