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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. How many buttons are on the VEX IQ Controller?
    2. Two
    3. 2. How many joysticks are on the VEX IQ Controller?
    4. One
    5. 3. Each joystick has two axis, which provide a range of values from:
    6. 0 to 100
      -100 to 100
      0 to 10
      -10 to 10
    7. 4. Which ROBOTC command will allow us to control the robot’s motors using the joysticks?
    8. tankControl
    Did You Know?

    Did you know?

    Drift Threshold
    The third box of the tankControl command block allows you
    to specify a tolerance, or threshold value for the VEX IQ Controller joysticks.

    With a value of 10, any joystick position values between -10 and 10 will be treated as 0.

    Sometimes, when you let go of the joysticks, they do not perfectly go back to the center. If the joysticks aren’t centered, they are sending low position values to the robot motors, which can cause unnecessary strain on the motors, and even robot drift.