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  • Idea #3: Make Sense of Systems
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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. What kind of Model is the video talking about?
    2. A "mental model" – a systematic understanding of the way something works
      A design for a VEX IQ robot "model"
      A tiny "model" version of the real robot
      A "model" who appears in professional photography
    3. 2. What advantage(s) does a "model"-based understanding have over just memorizing facts?
    4. You can learn a "model" faster than memorizing every single fact
      You can reason about new situations, even ones you haven't seen before
      Models make things make sense
      All of the above
    5. 3. What is the "Program Flow" example in the video a model of?
    6. Unrelated blocks in the programming software
      Proportional reasoning
      The way a program runs
      Sensing, Planning, and Acting