No matter what career you choose, safety, managing projects, and applying engineering processes to solve problems will be important. This section provides helpful information on each and more.
1. Safety
Safety is an "Attitude" that is valued across all types of industry. This section of the curriculum provides resources and activities designed to instill a safe attitude in all students working with robotics.
1. Safety Documents
2. Safety Tests
2. VEX Hardware
The VEX Cortex Robotics System consists of a microcontroller, a set of sensors and motors, and lots of parts. The documents in this chapter contain valuable information about how the system works.
1. Motors and Building Materials
2. Sensors and Displays
3. Engineering Process
The resources below will help you solve design problems.
1. The Engineering Process
2. Project Planning
3. Engineering Project
4. Competition Programming
5. Rubrics
Assessing student progress is important. These rubrics are designed to help educators evaluate learning and assess student aptitudes across a range of categories.
1. Assessment Rubrics