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Check Your Understanding:
  1. 1. In order, what are the 3 Steps to displaying text on the LCD?
  2. Display Text, Set Time, Clear LCD
    Clear LCD, Set Time, Display Text
    Clear LCD, Display Text, Set Time
    Set Time, Clear LCD, Display Text
  3. 2. True or False: Programming Languages start counting at 1?
  4. True, counting starts at 1
    False, counting starts at 0
  5. 3. True or False: If no code is added for the LCD, it will display the name of the current program by default.
  6. True
  7. 4. Why is it important to clear the LCD before displaying information:
  8. Removes the previous message so that a new message can be displayed.
    Disables the default command that displays the name of the program.
    Prevents extra characters from remaining on the screen from the previous message.
    All of the above
  9. 5. True or False: When not in a while loop, the display command needs to be given time to display the message, or else no message will be shown.
  10. True