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Check Your Understanding:
  1. 1. The LCD can display:
  2. Letters
    Punctuation Marks
    All of the above
  3. 2. How big is the display area on the VEX LCD?
  4. 1080p
    2 rows by 16 columns
    800 x 600 pixels
    2 columns by 16 rows
  5. 3. UART Port 2 allows two-way communication between the VEX LCD and the Cortex
  6. True
  7. 4.What type of cable will you need to connect the LCD to the Cortex?
  8. I2C
    Serial X-Cable
    A to A cable
    Serial Y-Cable
  9. 5. The VEX LCD serves as:
  10. An input device
    An output device
    Both A and B
    None of the above
  11. 6. True or False: The RX port sends information from the LCD to the Cortex.
  12. True