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Topics Covered

  • EV3 Brick
  • Sensors and Ports
  • Lesson Links

    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. How do you turn the EV3 on?
    2. Clap twice near the EV3
      Press the Back button
      Wave your hand over the sonar sensor
      Press the Dark Gray button
    3. 2. How do you navigate the menus on the EV3?
    4. Use the buttons on the front of the EV3 Brick
      Touch the screen with the included stylus pen
      Use the EV3's neural interface to read your mind
      Use the sound sensor and the built-in voice commands
    5. 3. To run a program with the robot tethered, what do you do?
    6. Push the robot to give it a running start
      Disconnect the robot and navigate to the file on the EV3
      Download the program to the robot and press the Start button in ROBOTC
      Clap twice near the EV3