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Topics Covered

  • Obstacle Detecting Behavior
  • Detection Faliures
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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. Why doesn't this program work for Obstacle Detection?

    2. The Forward command should not be set to 50% power
      The forward command block prevents the program from checking sensors continuously or running other blocks until it has finished running.
      The program should use the Gyro sensor instead of the Ultrasonic sensor
      The Forward command should be set to 6 rotations instead of 4
    3. 2. Why doesn’t this program work for Obstacle Detection?

    4. repeatUntil Loop block does not check the correct sensor.
      You cannot have two waitUntil commands in sequence that way
      The first waitUntil block should be Distance Value greater than 20cm and the second waitUntil block should be 'Distance Value less than 20cm
      The waitUntil blocks prevent program flow from reaching the end of the Loop to check the Motor Encoder.
    5. 3. Instead of using a waiting approach or long movements, the solution you will learn in the next lesson will involve:
    6. Continuous checking of sensors
      Sensor recombination forks
      A new multiple-sensor Wait Block
      A new type of Loop Block