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    Virtual World Overview

    Seagulls calling. Palm trees swaying. Waves lapping at the beach. Palm Island is a floating oasis for you to explore. Help Commander Roxie-Rivet-minder prepare for a Luau by using your robot to collect coconut clusters and set lobster traps. Learn to use motors and sensors to control your robot's movement on the island boardwalk. Be sure to use your map and the in-game measurement tools to apply mathematical solutions to your robot programming.

    Required : Complete the boardwalk path, collect two coconut clusters, and set two lobster traps with either robot model.

    Instructions : Download and install the Palm Island virtual world. Use the link to the right of the video to launch ROBOTC and the virtual world.

    Activity Document Palm Island.pdf Challenge Map Palm Island Map.pdf Virtual World PC Installer Palm Island.exe External Resource Palm Island Homepage