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    Check Your Understanding:
    1. 1. What does a Gyro Sensor help the robot to do?
    2. Turn more precisely
      Controls all motors
      Moves faster
      Runs via remote controller
    3. 2. Why does the autonomous mower use a Gyro Sensor if it already has GPS?
    4. Gyro Sensor functions exactly like a GPS
      GPS can get computationally heavy to use for long durations
      Gyro Sensor is an additional add-on for a GPS system
      GPS is sometimes blocked or unavailable
    5. 3. Why should your robot use a Gyro Sensor even if the robot already has Rotation Sensors?
    6. Gyro Sensor controls rotations of the wheels more accurately than the Rotation Sensor
      Wheels sometimes slip and lose accuracy
      There is no reason to use the Gyro Sensor over the Rotation Sensor
      Rotation Sensor uses too much of the battery to operate