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Physical connection

Connecting the line tracker is going to be easy, as the Swervebot is designed with them in mind. You can simply follow the directions in the instructions here, or have a look at the images. We attach three line trackers as this is the VEX standard orientation, and it provides nice, reliable line following.

The IR sensor sub-assembly. We used the new IR sensors, however the old fatter ones have their own sub-assembly which will work fine.
The sub-assembly attached to the robot.

Note that we have removed the light sensors from the previous lesson, but kept the button. This is because these sensors also need calibration!


There's a lot of wiring to be done here, but it all follows the same vein as previous sensors - no new territory here.

We will be attaching three line trackers, and one button (for calibration).

Wiring schematic.

The left, center, and right line trackers should use analog ports 0, 1, and 2 respectively. The bump switch should be attached to digital port 2.

Virtual breadboard
A view of the wiring.