What is the BoeBot + Arduino Shield robot?

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What is the Parallax BoeBot?

The Parallax BoeBot is a small, education focused robotics platform. It was originally designed to be controlled using the Parallax Basic Stamp 2, but we use the Arduino Uno controller instead.

The BoeBot is made of a metal frame, and includes room for a battery pack and an extensive number of holes to mount additional hardware. The BoeBot kit also includes enough electronics components to get each user started making most general electronics circuits.

File:BotBot Kit Electronics.jpg
included electronics

What is the Arduino?

The Arduino is a small electonics device. It has several variations, but due to the standardized configuration, it is possible to move between the different boards with little or no changes to the code or wiring. This ability to move between various boards with ease, plus the large community of third party support, makes the Arduino a great tool for first attempts with electronics and microcontrollers.

File:Arduino Lenardo.jpg
Arduino Lenardo