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  • Getting started with Arduino
  • Using LEDs
  • Robot Motion
  • Bump Switch


  • Complete BoeBot robot with Arduino Shield and Arduino

Included With the Parallax kit

These are all included in the BoeBot kit.

  • Various wires (preferably of different colors), preferably consisting of atleast
    • 2x red wires (for power)
    • 2x black wires (for ground)
  • 2x IR LEDs
  • 2x IR Detectors
  • 2x 2kΩ resistors (Red-Black-Red ResistorBand1Red.pngResistorBand2Black.pngResistorBand3Red.png)
  • 2x 220Ω resistors (Red-Red-Brown ResistorBand1Red.pngResistorBand2Red.pngResistorBand3Brown.png)

Not Included With the Parallax kit

  • Sharp IR Sensor
  • JST cable

currently also need the following for the Sharp IR Sensor

  • 1x 10kΩ resistor (Brown-Black-Orange ResistorBand1Brown.pngResistorBand2Black.pngResistorBand3Orange.png)