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<yambe:breadcrumb self="Virtual Worlds">Main Page|Main Page</yambe:breadcrumb>
<yambe:breadcrumb self="Virtual Worlds">Main Page|Main Page</yambe:breadcrumb>
==Download and Install Virtual Worlds==
==Download and Install Virtual Worlds==

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Download and Install Virtual Worlds

Before we start programming in ROBOTC Virtual Worlds, we need to download and install the client first. This can be done by navigating to ROBOTC's website ( https://www.robotc.net) and selecting the 'Downloads' tab. If you already have ROBOTC installed on your computer, skip this section and start with Activation.

1. From the ROBOTC website, select the individual robotics platform you wish to program on. If you want to use multiple platforms or accidently download the wrong version, no worries; you can manually activate and choose another platform inside of ROBOTC. When you get to the correct platform page, click on the 'Download Robot Virtual Worlds for X version x.xx' to start the download process:

2. At this point click 'Save' button to start downloading ROBOTC. You may get a warning pop-up from either Windows, your antivirus program, or both. This is to warn you that programs downloaded from the internet can be malicious and to use care before running them; click allow to start the download.

3. Once the program is done downloading, navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer and start the ROBOTC installer. You may have to right click on the installer and run as administrator depending on individual computer restrictions.

4. Depending on which platform you are installing, ROBOTC may also install additional drivers unique to each platform. If for any reason the drivers are not downloaded and installed properly they can be downloaded and installed manually from the ROBOTC website.

Activate RVW

Once ROBOTC/Virtual Worlds is downloaded and installed on the computer it must be activated. This can be done directly through the ROBOTC interface as long as the computer has a valid internet connection.

1. Open ROBOTC and navigate to the Help menu. From there, select 'Manage Licenses->Add License'. If you do not already have a Virtual Worlds license, you can purchase one by clicking the 'Purchase License' option

2. From the Manage License menu, select the 'Add License' button. This will bring up a 'Add New ROBOTC License' window.

3. From here you must first select which type of license you have, and then enter your License ID and Password (to see the password characters as you type, uncheck the 'mask' checkbox). Once the information is entered, click 'Activate Online' to activate the product. If you have multiple licenses, simply repeat the process. You can also start a trial of any version of ROBOTC by selecting the program you'd wish to try and clicking "Start Trial".

Using Virtual Worlds

1. Before you can use a Virtual World, please make sure that your "Compiler Target" is set to "Virtual Worlds":

2. To select a Virtual World Package for use with your program, click on Window >> Select Virtual World for Use, and select your package. If the Virtual World you would like to use is not present, you can download it from the ROBOTC downloads page (http://www.robotc.net/download/rvw/ ) under "Available Level Packs":

3. Now, when you compile and download your program it will automatically bring up the selected virtual world and your program will be ready to run!