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''[[Main_Page|Main]] >> [[NXT_Main|NXT]] >> [[NXT:_Virtual_Worlds|Virtual Worlds]] ''
''[[Main_Page|Main]] >> [[VEX2_Main|CORTEX]] >> [[VEX2:_Virtual_Worlds|Virtual Worlds]] ''

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Main >> CORTEX >> Virtual Worlds

Check out the ROBOTC Virtual Worlds homepage!

Setting "Debugger Target" to Virtual Worlds:

Before you can use a Virtual World, please make sure that your "Debugger Target" is set to "Virtual Worlds":
Compiler target.png

Selecting a Virtual World for use:

To select a Virtual World Package for use with your program, click on Window >> Select Virtual World for Use, and select your package:
Vw packages.png
Downloaded packages will show up in this menu.

Running your program:

Now, when you compile and download your program it will automatically bring up the selected virtual world and your program will be ready to run!
Virtual world vex.png