LED Prerequisites

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This section is designed to teach the basic principles of LED wiring and usage, as well as to provide an introduction to electronics and the electronics setup of the Arduino + LEGO Robot.

Previous Modules

Using LEDs is designed to be the first section in this course. As such, there is no expectation of prior knowledge to the lessons in this section.

Parts List

In order to complete the projects in this section, you will need: - LEGO+Arduino Robot Base with DFRobot Motor Shield

- 2 LEDs (preferably Red, but the examples also use Orange LEDs) - can be found at www.sparkfun.com [1]

-At least four Jumper wires of various sizes and colors - These can be found anywhere, but the ones used in the examples came from a combination of www.sparkfun.com [2] and www.jameco.com [3]

-2 470Ω resistors - again, my be found in many places, but ours are from www.sparkfun.com [4] (The sparkfun kit contains a large number of resistors of various types to suit any electronics projects you have in mind)