Connecting an active light sensor

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Connecting the Light Sensor

To connect the light sensor you will need three jumper wires, an NXT to breadboard connector, an NXT connector wire, and of course, a LEGO light sensor.

The parts needed for a Lego light sensor

Like the touch sensor and most other sensors, the light sensor has to be connected to the ground and the power supply, through the VBUS and GRND pins on the NXT breadboard converter. Unlike the touch sensor, however, the light sensor needs to be connected to the analog, not digital, port on the DFRobot motor shield. For the sake of convenience, we'll put a wire from AN IN to analog 0. The Lego light sensor also has a built in LED, which we will connect to digital port 3, from the pin on the NXT breadboard connector labeled SCL.

The breadboard wiring for a LEGO light sensor
The shield setup for a Lego light sensor
Virtual Breadboard Long View for a Lego
Virtual Breadboard for a LEGO light sensor
A Schematic for a Lego light sensor

Notepad.gif NOTE: Be sure not to forget to wire the Lego motors as well as the light sensor itself. All the applications of the light sensor in this section require the use of both motors.