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The Field Management System (FMS) during the FTC competition will use a two-program architecture to make programming easier. This means that you will have two sperate programs for the competition, an autonomous program for the first 30 seconds of the competition and a user control program for the remainder of the competition time.

To program in the two-program architecture, you should use the Autonomous and User Control templates available in ROBOTC. To open these templates, use the File Menu - New command.
Tetrix file new auton templ.png

During the competition, you will manually start your Autonomous program, and then the FMS will automatically switch to your TeleOp program at the start of the User Control portion of the competition. Which program is ran is depended upon the "FTCTeleop.txt" file that lives on your NXT. The FTCTeleop.txt file tells the FMS which program you would like to run when the TeleOp portion of the competition begins.

To generate or change which program you would like to run during TeleOp, use the "Teleop Program" selector built into the Joystick Control window.
Tetrix joystick game noTeleop.png