TETRIX Using Motor Servo Controllers

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Because the HiTechnic controllers are able to be daisy chained in a number of configurations, the NXT must be told which sensor port and what order each controller is connected to before you can use the DC Motor or Servo Controllers.

ROBOTC supports every possible configuration, but some shortcuts have been added to make configuring your controllers easier.

There are three settings:

  • No Controllers Configured - This is the default configuration. No Motor Controllers or Servo Controllers will be configured.
  • Standard Configuration - This configuration is the default FTC configuration, where teams only have one motor and one servo controller . This configuration automatically configures the devices connected to Sensor Port 1, with the Motor Controller connected directly to the NXT and the Servo Controller attached to the daisy-chain port of the Motor Controller. (NXT -> Motor Controller -> Servo Controller). This is the configuration shown below.

Motors and Sensors Setup 1.png