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TETRIXFunctions and Variables → Miscellaneous

Color Key


intrinsic const short propertyIndex(externalBattery, propertySystem, kSystemBatteryLevelExternal)
This function is used to check the current level of an external TETRIX/MATRIX battery level.
  int foo =  externalBattery;        //Creates an integer 'foo' and sets it equal to the external battery level


intrinsic const short propertyIndex(externalBatteryAvg, propertySystem, kSystemAvgBatteryLevelExternal)
This function is used to check the average level of an external TETRIX/MATRIX battery level over the past 20 samplings. Used to smooth out voltage spikes and drops, measured in millivolts (avalue of 9123 equals 9.123 volts).
  int foo =  externalBatteryAvg;        //Creates an integer 'foo' and sets it equal to the average external battery level


intrinsic word propertyIndex(muxUpdateInterval, propertySystem, kSystemFtcHubUpdateInterval)
Sets the amount of time, in milliseconds, between updates on the TETRIX/MATRIX controller's values. Default value of 10 ms.
  muxUpdateInterval = 25;        //Sets the update interval to 25 milliseconds


intrinsic bool propertyIndex(bSystemLeaveServosEnabledOnProgramStop, propertySystem, kSystemLeaveServosEnabledOnProgramStop)
When enabled (set to true) this will keep the servos in their last known position after the program ends, until the controller is manually turned off.
 bSystemLeaveServosEnabledOnProgramStop = true;        //Keeps servos held at last position after program ends


intrinsic word propertyIndex(muxLowBatteryShutdown, propertySystem, kSystemBatteryShutdownExternal)
Note: This function is no longer supported and should be considered deprecated.
Sets the amount of consecutive 'low battery' readings that must occur before the program shuts down. Default value of 5 readings.
  muxLowBatteryShutdown = 10;        //Sets the low battery shutdown threshold to 10 consecutive counts.