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Important information: Wiki Data Loss 12/20/13
The ROBOTC wiki has suffered significant data loss due to a recent failed server update. We are currently working hard to restore content as quickly as possible; in the meantime, please make sure to view either the built-in ROBOTC help files (which can be found by navigating to the 'Help -> Open Help' option in ROBOTC) or the Online Help files (below) for up-to-date information.
  • ROBOTC for VEX Robotics (4.0)
  • ROBOTC for LEGO Mindstorms (3.0)
  • ROBOTC for VEX Cortex and PIC (3.0)
  • ROBOTC for Arduino (3.0)

ROBOTC is the premiere robotics programming language for educational robotics and competitions. ROBOTC is a C-Based Programming Language with an Easy-to-Use Development Environment.
Platform-specific Information
General Programming ARDUINO NXT Virtual Worlds
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TETRIX.png PIC.png Cortex.png Clawbot IQ Home1 350x350.jpg
BoeBot in Simple Maze.jpg

Working with the raw electronics like the Arduino can be intimidating. However we have a list of tutorials to get you started. Here is one that will show you how to use the Arduino and the Parallax BoeBot shield kit to navigate a simple maze.

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