MATRIX Using Motor Servo Controller

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TETRIX → MATRIX Using Motor Servo Controller

The MATRIX Controller

The MATRIX Controller is very similar in operation to the HiTechnic Controllers used in the TETRIX system, but there are some key differences between the two. The biggest difference is that the MATRIX Controller cannot be daisy chained to other controllers as the HiTechnic Controllers can. As a result, the MATRIX controller is a combination motor/servo controller. It can handle up to four DC motors and four servos at one time.

Because the MATRIX Controller cannot be daisy-chained , setting up ROBOTC for a MATRIX controller is a fairly easy process. Simply open the Motors and Sensors Setup window under the Robot menu in ROBOTC, navigate to the External Controllers tab, and select "Standard MATRIX Configuration". This will designate Sensor Port 1 on the NXT as the port that the MATRIX Controller is attached to. There are a total of four settings in the External Controllers tab to chose from:

  • No Controllers Configured - This is the default configuration. No Motor Controllers or Servo Controllers will be configured.
  • Standard TETRIX Configuration - This configuration is the default FTC TETRIX configuration, where teams only have one motor and one servo controller . This configuration automatically configures the devices connected to Sensor Port 1, with the Motor Controller connected directly to the NXT and the Servo Controller attached to the daisy-chain port of the Motor Controller. (NXT -> Motor Controller -> Servo Controller).
  • Standard MATRIX Configuration- This is the default MATRIX configuration where the robot only has one MATRIX Controller attached to Sensor Port 1(below)
  • Custom Configuration - This allows you to connect as many Motor and Servo controllers in any order. Simply match your hardware configuration to the configuration on the screen and ROBOTC will take care of all of the configuration code for your program.

MATRIX External Controller.png

When the MATRIX Controller is selected in the External Controller tab, ROBOTC will automatically update the Motors, Servos, and Sensors tab with the respective changes. It will add the four supported motors in the Motors tab (Motors D, E, F, and G).

MATRIX Motors Setup.png

It will also automatically add four servos to the Servos tab and reserve whichever Sensor Port the Controller is plugged into in the Sensors tab (default Port 1).

MATRIX Servos Setup.png