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Debugging via code

In ROBOTC, users may find the need to open certain debugger windows every time the program runs. Luckily, ROBOTC has a coding option that allows users to set certain debug windows to do just that: the DebuggerWindows() pragma statement.

To use this feature, each window that needs opened must have its own '#pragma debuggerwindow("DebugName") ' statement prior to any other code in the program (it is recommended to place them directly under the Motor and Sensors Setup pragma statements). For instance, #pragma DebuggerWindows ("Globals") is required to open the Global Variables window each time a program runs.

Debugger Windows Example.png

Debugger Window Pragma Statement
Global Variables
#pragma DebuggerWindows("Globals")
Local Variables
#pragma DebuggerWindows("Locals")
Debug Stream
#pragma DebuggerWindows("debugStream")
Joystick Control - Basic
#pragma DebuggerWindows("joystickSimple")