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(Currently Known Issues)
(Previously Known Issues (Fixed))
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==Previously Known Issues (Fixed)==
==Previously Known Issues (Fixed)==
* Point 1
* None, Yet :)
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Arduino → ARDUINO MEGA Known Issues

Last Updated 5/11/2012

Currently Known Issues

  • Digital Pints 51-53 may not generate Motors and Sensor #Pragma Code correctly
  • Arduino MEGA 2560/ADK requires a bootloader upgrade before it can be used with ROBOTC.
  • Using Analog Ports as Digital I/O is not currently supported.
  • Changing UART0 from "System Comm Port" will cause the debugger to no longer work.
  • Changing UART0 from "System Comm Port" may require re-downloading ROBOTC firmware to load a different program.

Previously Known Issues (Fixed)

  • None, Yet :)