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void writeDebugStream(const string sFormatString, ...)
(void) The Debug Stream functionality allow the user to output formatted text to a debug terminal. This command works similar to a print to LCD command, but displays the information to a ROBOTC debugger window. You can open this debugger window from the "Robot -> Debugger Windows -> Debug Stream" window when in Expert or Super User mode.
Parameter Explanation Data Type
sFormatString A formatted string following standard C-Style convention for showing data inline. void
  int fooBarVar = 503;                       //Create a Variable to Display
  writeDebugStream("Value: %d", fooBarVar);  //Write the string "Value: 503" to the Debug Stream


void memset(void &pToBuffer, const short nValue, const short nNumbOfBytes)
(void) Sets a block of memory at pToBuffer to the value nValue. nNumbOfBytes is the number of bytes to set. This is a useful function for initializing the value of an array to all zeros. Identical to the function found in conventional C 'string.h' library.
Parameter Explanation Data Type
pToBuffer buffer to set void
nValue value to set buffer to short
nNumbOfBytes number of bytes to set short
int kSendSize = 1;                                   // we will be sending 1 byte
ubyte BytesToSend[kSendSize];                        // create a ubyte array of size 1
short nMsgXmit = 0;                                  // we will be setting them to 0
memset(BytesToSend, nMsgXmit, sizeof(BytesToSend));  // set the Byte Array to 0


const word nVexMasterVersion
(word) Variable contains the firmware version for the VEX master CPU.
int MasterFirmwareVer = nVexMasterVersion; // stores the value of the Master Firmware to a variable


const word version
(word) Contains the firmware version number.
displayNextLCDNumber(version);  // display the current firmware version on the LCD