ROBOTC for VEX Cortex

ROBOTC Fundamentals

In this series of lessons, you'll learn to think like a programmer and how to control the movement of your robot using motor and wait commands.

Movement Fundamentals
Labryrinth Challenge

Quadrature Shaft Encoders

In this lesson, you will learn about Quadrature Shaft Encoders, and how to use them to improve your robots movement.

Variables and Control Structures
Shaft Encoders for Cortex (coming soon)
Turning with the Shaft Encoder (coming soon)

VEXnet Remote Control

In this lesson, you will learn how the VEXnet Remote Control enables you to control your robot's movements.

Joystick Mapping
Timers (coming soon)
Buttons (coming soon)

In this unit you will learn how to use ROBOTC to control your very own virtual Vex Squarebot. Each lesson will take you through exercises which will teach you everything you need to know about ROBOTC and VEX Cortex. The lessons get more and more challenging as you move through them. If you are a beginner, start with the very first lesson. Each lesson will introduce new concepts and lets you learn them at your own pace. If you complete the lessons and want to learn more, you can go through our formal curriculum (as seen on the front page of, or ask questions at the ROBOTC Forums.