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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Deactivate ROBOTC and move it onto a different machine?

The deactivation feature is new to ROBOTC versions 2.0.2 and prior to 3.0. To deactivate ROBOTC from a computer, go to the "Help" menu, and select "Deactivate ROBOTC". See the image below:



Why won't ROBOTC work with my VEX controller?

  1. Make sure your battery is fully charged, the VEX is powered on, and connected to your computer using the orange programming cable.
  2. Make sure you have the correct driver installed for the orange programming cable.
  3. Make sure you are using the latest version of ROBOTC for the VEX.
  4. Download the IFI Master Firmware to your robot.
  5. Download the ROBOTC Firmware to your robot.
  6. Download a Sample Program to your robot.

VEX Microcontroller

Installation / Activation / De-Activation

Installation / Activation troubleshooting





Technical / Community Support

Technical / Community Support


  • Forums - An online community of ROBOTC users.
  • Contact Us - Use the contact form to submit a ticket.

Getting Started with the VEX PIC

Getting started with the VEX

Listed below are a combination of PDFs and videos which will help you get started using the VEX. They will take you through building a robot, getting the VEX up and running, and writing code .


1. Build a robot

Dont have a robot built yet? Here is a simple design, complete with step-by-step building instructions. Build Squarebot 2.0 for basic robot movement. Convert to Squarebot 3.0 to add sensors and an arm.


2. Download Firmware

ROBOTC requires special firmware to communicate with the IFI controllers.


3. Sample Programs

Sample programs provide already-working examples of how to program in the ROBOTC language.


4. Modify Code

Make changes to a sample program to see how your modifications affect the robots behavior.

VEXnet Setup Documents

VEXnet Setup Documents

VEX Robotics Competition Support

VEX Robotics Competition Support

Additional Help Resources

Additional Help Resources


Teaching ROBOTC for IFI VEX offers a complete multimedia curriculum for classroom training or self-paced learning.
Visit the Curriculum page to learn more.