Deactivate ROBOTC License (ROBOTC 3.x)

Follow the steps below in order to deactivate your ROBOTC license. Do this prior to any reformatting of your computer or if you would like to move your ROBOTC from one computer to another.


Note: 365-day licenses cannot be deactivated and transferred to another computer.


Step 1: Go to Help > Manage Licenses

In ROBOTC, go to the "Help" menu, and select "Manage Licenses".

  Manage Licenses


Step 2: Select product and click "Deactivate License"

In the ROBOTC License Management window, select the product and then select "Deactivate License".

  Manage Licenses window


Step 3: Confirm Deactivate

Confirm the Deactivation by selecting "Yes".

  Confirm Deactivation