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Adding an additional Product in ROBOTC (for ROBOTC 3.x)

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Step One - Open Manage Licenses

ROBOTC 3.0 has integrated a new license management system designed to make it easier to access ROBOTC Software and Robot Virtual Worlds. In order to access the License Management system select Help/Manage Licenses. See below.


Select Help and a dropdown
menu appears.


Select Manage Licenses.

  Open Manage Licenses



Step Two - Select Manage Licenses

Pictured below is the ROBOTC License Management interface that pops up when you select “Manage Licenses” in the screen above. For this example, we downloaded a 30 day trial license of ROBOTC for LEGO MINDSTORMS and the management system shows that we are in Trial Mode.


Step 2.1:

In this example we downloaded a trial
version of ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS. The
management system shows that the license
is in trial mode and that the license has 30
days left on the trial


Step 2.2

Select Add License to add another ROBOTC product to your computer.

  Select manage licenses


Step Three - Add Another License

This system will allow you to quickly add different features that are already built into your version of ROBOTC. Adding more products creates additional ROBOTC “Platform Types”.


Step 3.1

Begin by selecting “Add License”.


Step 3.2

When you select Add License the highlighted box above appears.

  Add another license



Step Four - Select the New License Type


Step 4.1

Select the drop down arrow and scroll down to the type of
license that you want to activate. In this example we have
selected ROBOTC Virtual Worlds for MINDSTORMS.


Step 4.2

Select “Start Trial” to begin using
the software..

  Select the new license type

Step 4.3

ROBOTC automatically installs the new license to
your software. Now you are ready to begin using your
new License Type.

  After selecting the license type



Step Five - Creating a Desktop Icon


Step 5.1

If you select “Create Desktop Icon”
ROBOTC will automatically place a
new Icon on your desktop.

  Creating a desktop icon



Congratulations! You are now ready to begin using your new software!