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We are happy to announce that Robofest teams can get a FREE copy of ROBOTC for use in Robofest 2014!


Robomatter and ROBOTC has offered to partner with Robofest, and provide a classroom license copy of ROBOTC, free of charge, to each team that registers for Robofest 2014.


ROBOTC is a C-based programming language for LEGO NXT and VEX PIC and Cortex robots. It is the only programming language at this level that offers a comprehensive, real-time debugger, along with a host of other features. ROBOTC is a cross-robotics-platform solution that allows students to learn the type of C-based programming used in advanced education and professional applications.



Platforms: Cortex, PIC (Original VEX)

Version 3.62

Date Posted: Sept 6, 2013

License File: Sign up for a License File


Platforms: NXT, TETRIX

Version 3.62

Date Posted: Sept 6, 2013

License File: Sign up for a License File


ROBOFEST! Team License Sign Up Form

ROBOTC for Robofest Registration

Expires June 1st, 2014

Download again to update license file

Contact Name
Team ID
: (Format: 1234-56)



ROBOFEST! Team License Installation Instructions

View it as a PDF   Instructions on how to download RVW
  1. Download ROBOTC from a link above
  2. Get the latest drivers
  3. Sign up for the ROBOFEST! Team License (.zip file)
  4. Run the License (.exe) installer (Make sure ROBOTC is closed!)
  5. Start ROBOTC as an ADMINISTRATOR from the desktop shortcut or Start Menu
               Run as Administrator

  6. Verify that your license was correctly installed by viewing your license status as the "Help - Manage Licenses" screen.
    Manage Licenses Screen
  7. Update your CORTEX firmware by following the "Getting Started" directions inside of ROBOTC.
               Getting Started