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force sensor on mux 
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Post force sensor on mux
ok so my force sensor is in the sensor mux since it is supported by xander since i can see an example of it in 3.2. however the only value that returns out of the force sensor is 1021 constantly no matter how much force i put on the sensor which is an odd # that im not sure where it is coming from. i used ur example structure. any ideas?
this number came out from the debug stream as the value for _force, and i set _force = HTFreadSensor(HTFORCE); in a while loop. and HTFORCE is set as a const tMUXSensor HTFORCE = msensor_S3_4; at the top. any problems with this or is there something i have to do?

Fri Jan 04, 2013 1:33 am

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Post Re: force sensor on mux
It would help if you pasted in your RobotC program in between [code] and [/code] tags.

Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:10 am

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Post Re: force sensor on mux
#pragma config(Hubs,  S1, HTMotor,  HTMotor,  HTServo,  HTMotor)
#pragma config(Sensor, S1,     ,               sensorI2CMuxController)
#pragma config(Sensor, S2,     HTTMUX,         sensorAnalogInactive)
#pragma config(Sensor, S3,     HTSMUX,         sensorI2CCustom)
#pragma config(Sensor, S4,     HTCOLOR,        sensorCOLORFULL)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C1_1,     rightDrive,    tmotorTetrix, PIDControl, encoder)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C1_2,     leftDrive,     tmotorTetrix, PIDControl, reversed, encoder)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C2_1,     liftLeft,      tmotorTetrix, openLoop)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C2_2,     liftRight,     tmotorTetrix, openLoop, reversed)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C4_1,     arm,           tmotorTetrix, PIDControl, encoder)
#pragma config(Motor,  mtr_S1_C4_2,     motorI,        tmotorTetrix, openLoop)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C3_1,    rightGate,            tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C3_2,    leftGate,             tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C3_3,    wrist,                tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C3_4,    pusher,               tServoStandard)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C3_5,    servo5,               tServoNone)
#pragma config(Servo,  srvo_S1_C3_6,    servo6,               tServoNone)
//*!!Code automatically generated by 'ROBOTC' configuration wizard               !!*//

//////////                                                                                                    //////////
//////////                                       OUR AMAZING TELEOP CODE                                      //////////
//////////                                   BY: Iman Nandi and Frank Zhou                                    //////////
//////////                                                                                                    //////////
//#include "LEGOLS-driver.h"
#include "JoystickDriver.c"  //Include file to "handle" the Bluetooth messages.
#include "drivers/common.h"
#include "drivers/hitechnic-touchmux.h"
#include "drivers/hitechnic-sensormux.h"
#include "hitechnic-colour-v2.h"
#include "drivers/lego-light.h"
#include "drivers/hitechnic-force.h"

const tMUXSensor LEGOLS = msensor_S3_1;
const tMUXSensor HTFORCE = msensor_S3_4;

void initializeRobot() //initialize the robot
   alive(); //calibrate();
   servo(leftGate) = 0; // set the servo controlled ring gates to 0
   servo(rightGate) = 255;
   nMotorEncoder[rightDrive] = 0;//reset the value of encoder B to zero
   nMotorEncoder[leftDrive] = 0;
task main()
int _force = 0;
while (true)//the while loop of teleop

      getJoystickSettings(joystick);//get the layout of the joystick for programming the correct joystick model
      _force = HTFreadSensor(HTFORCE);
                 writeDebugStreamLine("force: %d", HTFreadSensor(HTFORCE));
      //writeDebugStreamLine("forcev: %d", SensorValue(HTFORCE));
              if (50 >= _force > 45)
         heavyRing = true;
         int force = _force;
         nxtDisplayCenteredTextLine(3,"%d, %d","true",force);
      else if (_force > 50 || 45 >= _force)
         heavyRing = false;
      if(_force > 50)
         twoHeavyRings = true;
      else if(50 >= _force)
         twoHeavyRings = false;
if(heavyRing == true)
         SensorType[HTCOLOR] = sensorCOLORRED;
      else if(twoHeavyRings == true)
         SensorType[HTCOLOR] = sensorCOLORBLUE;
         SensorType[HTCOLOR] = sensorCOLORNONE;

just the parts with _force and HTFORCE involved are what you are looking at this is only part of my teleop which is all u need to see for my problem. the values set for my force ranges in the teleop were the numbers that came out before i plugged into a sensor MUX. it was originally in port 4 of the nxt.

Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:57 am
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Post Re: force sensor on mux
Are you using ROBOTC 3.55B2? If not, upgrade, there are many issues in 3.54 that have to do with casting from ubyte to int, which affect the drivers.

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Fri Jan 04, 2013 7:11 am
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Post Re: force sensor on mux
i am but i can check it to see if it works when i have a meeting today.

Fri Jan 04, 2013 8:36 am
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