ROBOTC 4.27 Released
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Author:  JohnWatson [ Tue Dec 02, 2014 6:02 pm ]
Post subject:  ROBOTC 4.27 Released

The ROBOTC Development Team is very excited to announce our latest release update, ROBOTC 4.27! This update is for the both the VEX Robotics (CORTEX and IQ) systems and includes new features, functionality and a load of bug fixes! Download the latest update and take a look at the setup information below.

Download ROBOTC 4.27 here!

Important Setup Information for ROBOTC 4.27:

VEX IQ Users:

Run the “VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility” and update your VEX IQ Brain to firmware version 1.13 (may not be available at time of release, but will be available soon).
Users will also have to update their VEX IQ Wireless Controller in addition to any other VEX IQ Devices (sensors, motors) that may need to be updated as well.
After updating to the latest VEX IQ Brain firmware, users will also have to install the latest ROBOTC firmware from inside of ROBOTC.

ROBOTC 4.26 -> 4.27 Change Log:

Added support for VEX IQ 1.13 Firmware
Add “Autobot IQ” as a standard model for VEX IQ platform.
Set the “Project Explorer” window to be hidden by default.

Updated licensing system to fix potential encryption vulnerabilities.
Fixed issue where Debugger Windows (Motors, Sensors, Variables) were not appearing after subsequent downloads/debugging sessions.
Fix an issue with “Save As” always pointing to the “My documents” folder – this forced redirect should only take place for saving NEW files.

Modify Natural Language main include to be a “warning” instead of error when using emulator mode.
Fix encoder issue with emulator platforms (mix between raw encoder counts and “scaled”)
Fixed a bug where the joystick station would not appear / crash ROBOTC when using IQ or Cortex platforms.

Fixed a bug where Virtual Worlds/Emulator VEX IQ was not displaying the correct values in the debugger for the specific color sensor mode.
Improved support for use of “enum” and “struct” keywords. Previously declarations were of the format ” “; now they can also be of form “struct “. Similarly for “enum” keyword. ROBOTC compiler is a blend of C and C++ syntax for “enum” and “struct” recognition.
Fix “Include” file issues (i.e. forward slash vs back slash + relative path issues)

Functions whose return value is “void *” were incorrectly generating a ROBOTC compiler error.
Enhancements to Virtual Worlds Joystick Control with Natural Language/Graphical
Updated values the Joystick Debuggers display when buttons are pressed.
Increased height of the Joystick Station Debugger Windows to allow multiple buttons descriptive text

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