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New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language 
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Post New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language
Check out ROBOTC's new Graphical Interface!
We are very excited to announce our new ROBOTC for VEX IQ programming language. We've tested the software with elementary students and teachers and the programming environment appeared to be very student friendly. As with any new software students, teachers, parents, and mentors need to learn the basics of the software (how to connect to the robot, how to upload the code, how to access the code once it gets to the robot), but the actual programming is very easy.

Why develop a graphical drop and drag environment for ROBOTC?
As we push programming to younger and younger students need to increase the supports for new programmers. This version of ROBOTC scaffolds learning programming by removing syntax and by creating new, easy to use functions for both autonomous and remote control programs. Students are able to quickly build behaviors like forward, backward, arcade or tankControl without worrying about semicolons, braces, and brackets. We believe that this level of support will enable them to worry about logic and basic algorithm development without worrying about programming structures.

How much user control does the new ROBOTC Graphical software include?
Our goal is to develop an easy to use control environment that provides the proper level of scaffolding for new programmers. ROBOTC's programming environments currently start with ROBOTC Graphical, then ROBOTC Natural Language, and then full ROBOTC. With the new Graphical Language students are able to learn about various programming structures and logic (while, if, if/else, waitUntil, and we added repeat, and repeatUntil) and they can access sensor feedback using the new "getSensorValue" commands (i.e. getGyroSensorDegrees, getMotorEncoderValue, etc.) but they will not be able to create and write to their own variables, pass parameters, or create functions.

You can download the software here:

You can download a user guide here:

And checkout the blog here:

In just a couple of weeks the new Graphical Language will also work on VEX Cortex robots. :D

Please give us feedback about our new software.

Thanks Robin

Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:43 pm

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Post Re: New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language
I just received a single perpetual license for RobotC and I have two teams, one team of VEX IQ students and one team of VEX Robotics. Each team has their own robot but can I use this one license for both teams? Spent time doing the Summer of Learning with the RobotC Grapical and would like to download a copy for my VEX IQ team. Can I run RobotC and the RobotC Graphical with this license?

thanks, Charlotte

Tue Sep 16, 2014 7:10 pm

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Post Re: New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language
First of all, this Graphical interface is an awesome idea!!!

We have been using Robolab along with focus in flowchart design to prepare them to move onto like RobotC, C/C++. Since robolab no longer runs on Mindstorms- platform EV3, I am hoping to move our lower grades, grade 4 to 6, to another graphical ones. My questions are :

1) Will "variables implementation" be in development radar sometime in the near future? I currently have the kids up to Gr. 6 to use Robolab. Some use it to do conversion between encoders and distance ... i.e the gear math stuff. Therefore, having variables implementation will be awesome.

2) I have had my students, as young as 4th graders, to learn it by doing flowchart design first. So, having the graphics which mimic flowchart design, similar to what Robolab can do, will be awesome.

3) Any very simple multi-tasking capability will be fun too.

This will be awesome if all these are available someday because all of our older kids, Gr. 7 to 10, use RobotC.

Thu Nov 06, 2014 5:08 pm
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Post Re: New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language
We omitted the advanced features of ROBOTC (such as variable, functions, multitasking, structs, multi-conditional statements, etc) from the Graphical Natural Language environment by design. While the Graphical Natural Language option is a good start, it should be used to create an easier transition into text-based Natural Language (which has support for all of the features mentioned above, and more), which should then be used as a transition into text-based ROBOTC.

Once the student is comfortable with the ROBOTC programming syntax, they can then start to transition into a full-blown ANSI-C compiler. Our goal (no matter which 'level' of ROBOTC is being used) is to help to teach students the core coding and programming principles that they will see in ANSI-C code and all of it's derivatives (C++, Java, etc).

This is also why we've decided to shy away from a flowchart style layout for the Graphical Natural Language. Instead, we created the Graphical interface to mimic the real-world layout and syntax that students will see later in their programming careers, while 'baking' in the areas of common frustration for newer programmers (namely, the syntax; semi-colons, paired punctuation, etc).

We have a detailed outline of the progress progression from Graphical to text-based ROBOTC in our support documents (link below) but as always, we always recommend choosing which ever 'level' of ROBOTC is best for your specific students and their particular skill levels.

ROBOTC progression: ... h%3D_____8

Check out our Blog! And our Facebook page!
Need help? Take a look at our Wiki and our Forums.

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Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:41 am

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Post Re: New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language
Hi John,

Thank you for replying. I would like to point out the following:

",..(such as variable, functions, multitasking, structs, multi-conditional statements, etc).." We have been teaching variables, functions to kids starting 4th grade. A lot of our 5th and 6th graders have also done nested conditional statements using Robolab. Many of them do not have issues with it.

I think one of the main reasons for the success rate is the fact that we started them with simple flowchart design. We have doing this since 2005, and has showed very promising results. We have over 100+ Gr 4 to 6th graders here since 2010. Therefore, results proved the gui based environment from Robolab along with proper teaching using flowchart has worked very well.

About 10% of our 6th graders also using the event driven feature from Robolab, as well as multi-tasking. For handling conditions with, e.g., 3 sensors, they learn to create states, ie. 1,10,11, 100, etc. Well, not bits, of course, but just by tens and hundreds. They also understand that idea of resource collision when it comes to multitasking. Not that they understand the time slicing and tasks priority and all. However, they have received the advantage of it, without getting overly complicated. Besides, with multi-tasking for the younger ones, we play music while doing other tasks. Just a very fun thing for these young folks. I have my students to make their transition to RobotC in 7th grade.

As for flowchart....

Flowcharts implementation is truly a superb to take the young crowds forward; as my experience with it with over 100+ Gr. 4 - 6 students have proven the positive results. We currently have over 220 students attending our center. Over 60% of them have been with us since their 4th grades. Many stay with robotics in our program until they go to college. Some of them also moved onto more Comp Sci route and starting to write sorting, minimax, Huffman coding, etc. at their high school years.

Therefore, I truly believe the combination of gui-based and flowcharts have provided these kids excellent learning pad to grow from. Hoping that RobotC - GNL will replace Robolab to meet our early learners, Gr. 4 to 6 needs.

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Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:54 pm
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Post Re: New ROBOTC for VEX IQ Graphical Programming Language
The immediate hope is to have the flowchart diagrams instead of puzzle pieces, and variables. Others are not important yet, as I can try to move them off form graphics by 7th grade anyway. However, from past almost 10 years experience, I truly see the benefit of using flowchart design with the younger ones.

Just my 2 cents.

Fri Nov 07, 2014 9:09 pm
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