Variables crash RobotC
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Author:  rwood359 [ Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Variables crash RobotC

FailingAuto1 359.txt
We have created a problem using the variable feature. This is a very useful feature.
My programmer wanted to skip creating Motor/Setup by saving his Teleop program, deleting all the program - including a number of variables, switching to Autonomous and writing his auto program. He did not go into variable edit and delete the variables.
After writing part of the program including defining a number of new variables, he compiled the program and received a number of unreferenced variable warnings. I'm know sure of the sequence after that. He deleted all of the variable[number] statements and still received the warnings. He must have done something else. He may have tried to edit variable and delete. Anyway, the program now compiles with warnings. If you try to do anything with variables, the program crashes. The variable dropdown list has a null first entry that may be the problem. I used notepad to delete the unused variables and the program compiles and run correctly.

Edit my file didn't get linked in. The file should be .rgb not txt. It wouldn't upload a rbg file

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