IDE: menubar shortcuts do not work
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Author:  binki [ Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:44 pm ]
Post subject:  IDE: menubar shortcuts do not work

A lot of shortcuts that most window UIs normally implement, especially on Windows, do not function in the ROBOTC-3.62 Windows IDE. For a lot of these shortcuts, the IDE will instead just insert “?” (I didn’t check if it actually was a question mark, that’s just what appears).

ALT-f: should open the File menu.
ALT-e: should open the Edit menu.
ALT-v: should open the View menu.
ALT-r: probably would open the Robot menu, but this is not necessarily standard across applications.
ALT-w: should open the Window menu.
ALT-h: should open the Help menu.
ALT-h a: should open the About screen. (hold ALT and press ‘h’, release all and then press ‘a’)

This set of keyboard shortcuts, again, is pretty much universal with any program. For example, «ALT-h a» opens the “About” dialogue of the program I’m currently using (IE11).

More examples of shortcuts on the menu that probably should work:
ALT-f o: should be the same as CTRL-o
ALT-f s: should be the same as CTRL-s
ALT-f c: should be the same as CTRL-w
ALT-f x: should exit the program (looks like this will automatically work once ALT-f is fixed).

Author:  mightor [ Sat Feb 08, 2014 4:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IDE: menubar shortcuts do not work

I can confirm this doesn't work in ROBOTC 4.x for VEX either. It would definitely be a very useful thing to have.

= Xander

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