Want help on making Ultrasonic obstacleavoiding Arduino robo
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Author:  manjula123 [ Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:50 am ]
Post subject:  Want help on making Ultrasonic obstacleavoiding Arduino robo

I have Arduino Uno - Atmel Atmega 328-PU board and Arduino Compatible H-Bridge Motor Driver.I want to make Ultrasonic obstacle avoiding robot with 2wd wheels.I'm looking for suitable program for it.I'm grateful if one of you can provide me a code and say how to install it to arduino board :-)

Author:  JohnWatson [ Mon Aug 26, 2013 6:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Want help on making Ultrasonic obstacleavoiding Arduino

There are many, many possibilities for creating a code that will do this, most of which will depend on the specific set up of your robot, which pins are being used for which devices, what type of steering you are using, what else the robot will be doing, etc.

To get started, I suggest taking a look through the ROBOTC wiki's sections on using sonar sensors with the Arduino ( ... nic_Sensor). There's also many other useful pages in that section of the wiki that you may want to look through; for instance, the Robot Motion section utilizes code that may be transferable to your motor controller (depending on the input it requires).

On a side note, I see you have another thread open in another section of the forum asking similar questions; if we keep the discussion in this thread, it will help eliminate any confusion later on and will help with the accuracy and speed of answers to questions you may have. Thank you in advance!

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