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Author:  Team2844 [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:26 pm ]
Post subject:  IR Beacon Question

Alright, is it possible at all to use the IR beacon as a chooser to a program. Say that I have three different programs for this years competition that either go to the A column, B Column, Or C Column. Is there a way to make it so when the IR beacon is on say Column B, That it will run the program to Column B. Then say its on Column C, then it will run there.

I dont want to be using the IR Beacon to get all the way there, but use it as a quick scan at the beginning to find what column the Beacon is on. Then use my other programming to get there, as it is more accurate.

Sort of like.
IrBeacon = 5, runs to Column B.
IrBeacon < 5, runs to Column A.
IrBeacon > 5, runs to Column C.

Any ideas?

Author:  MHTS [ Sun Sep 09, 2012 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: IR Beacon Question

No, you can't use the IRSeeker to choose a program. However, you can use the IRSeeker reading to guide your robot to approach the IR beacon. That was the intention of the game to use the IRSeeker sensor to locate the IR beacon and navigate the robot there. This is no different than last year's Bowled Over game where you used the IRSeeker to guide your robot to the corner zone for the bowling ball. It is also very similar to using a gyro to guide your robot heading. In this case, your PID setpoint is zone 5. If the IRSeeker reading is less than 5, your robot turns left. If the IRSeeker reading is greater than 5, your robot turns right. However, zone 5 is a very wide zone. You may have difficulties using zone 5 to approach the target. Refer to this post.

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