Kid Proofing Lego NXT Cables.
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Author:  sparramc [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  Kid Proofing Lego NXT Cables.

Here a quick and simple way for Kid Proofing your Lego NXT Cables.

It will also help keep the plug on the end when you accidentally use them for an emergency braking system.

I came up with this fix when I worked in the early Computerized Betting Industry and we used similar IDC connectors for keyboards and money draw alarms. Stand your plugs up with the cable end pointing up. A vise or two pieces of wood and a clamp will do the trick. Then all you need is some Slow Cure Epoxy and pour it into the end of the plug the wire goes into. Slow Cure Epoxy is superior for the job as it binds to the plastic plug and insulation better.

It works as my Wii Nunchuck controller readily is used as a handle by my 3+ year old Son to carry robots around with. Once these style of plug is removed from the cable, it is virtually impossible to recycle then successfully a second time. Thankfully MindSensors sell spare plugs at a reasonable price. You don't really need the expense for the correct crimp tool as you can achieve the same by using a small blade screw driver with a nice flat square end to carefully push the individual pins home one at a time. Just take your time and it pays to clamp the plug in a vise while you push the pins home.

You can also use standard 8 Core Network/Phone Cable to make robust, yet flexible extension cables. To make your own super-flexi cable, get your hands on some old IDE Computer ribbon cables (Pata 66 are best) and recycle them by splitting it carefully with a sharp knife to 6 cores (Wires) wide. Run a felt pen down one edge of the cable ribbon to help with orientation.

Don't forget that the Plugs on the NXT Leads are different way up to the other end when laid flat!


Author:  mightor [ Mon Aug 17, 2009 7:10 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Kid Proofing Lego NXT Cables.

Straight jackets for the kids will solve the root cause of the problem :)

Mindsensors sell those flex cables already made: ... tion=29:29


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