Problems updating firmware with version 4.52 of ROBOTC
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Author:  gulick2000 [ Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Problems updating firmware with version 4.52 of ROBOTC

I am running into trouble updating the master firmware for a newly out-of-the-box Cortex (which was manufactured in 2012) using the 4.52 version of ROBOTC. I am operating ROBOTC 4.52 on a PC using Windows 7. The software successfully communicates with Cortex's that have already been updated, so it seems that the USB A-to-A driver is working. Here are details of what is happening, along with short videos of each step:

1. I connect a 7.2V battery to the CORTEX and then connect the Cortex via USB to the computer. ROBOTC 4.52 recognizes that the Cortex is attached when I look under "Select Communications Port". I then attempt to update the firmware. ROBOTC times out when trying to being the update of master firmware, with the Cortex then having the Game light flashing quick green and the ROBOT light flashing slow green. A video of this part:

I attempted to problem solve at this point using version 4.52 to no avail, including attempting to reset the Cortex using the Config button. When pressing the Config, the lights on the Cortex reverted to all three green, with the Robot light flashing slowly and the Game light flashing more quickly, however RobotC no longer was able to communicate with the Cortex. So the next step...

2. Having pushed the Config button, I took the Cortex to a computer with RobotC 4.30. RobotC was able to update both the Master firmware and the RobotC firmware. A video of this part:

3. After updating the Cortex using the older version of RobotC, I returned to the computer with RobotC 4.52, which now recognized the Cortex. Upon selecting "Automatically update VEX Cortex", RobotC reported that the Master firmware was now up to date (no change was made to the Master firmware), and then updated the RobotC firmware successfully. The end result is that the Cortex is usable. A video of this part:

I repeated the process with several Cortexes and it occurred the same each time. So I have a workable method for the time being. However, I was in the process of updating each of our computers to version 4.52 and so I am concerned that if there is an issue down the road, then I will be unable to update the Master firmware for the Cortex's. I would love any suggestion(s) or fixes. Thank you so much, David.

Author:  shecklerls [ Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:17 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Problems updating firmware with version 4.52 of ROBOTC

Hi gulick2000,
Did you get any advice yet? We tried last night to connect and synch the PC, Cortex, & joystick and will try again this afternoon. Our plan is to follow the instructions in the CORTEX Training Videos under Setup. The question I have is about the attached document. Do I need to download the drivers first?

The attached write-up says that VEXnet v3.0 and newer firmware need to update drivers on the PC to communicate with VEXnet products. It also says to not plug the device into the PC until the drivers are installed. However, the link provided in the write-up for the download is no longer active. My question is whether the attachment is obsolete and no longer needed with the new firmware download. Or, if it is needed, what is the correct website to get the drivers to download?
Thanks for any help,

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