Code downloading error (RCX, RobotC for Mindstorms v1.10)
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Author:  yeputons [ Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:50 am ]
Post subject:  Code downloading error (RCX, RobotC for Mindstorms v1.10)

During download program intro the RCX, when about 60% of program downloaded RobotC raises error: "Failure '<transferData> transmission failure 'No response from Robot to message < <TransferData> >'. But RCX is responding' during downloading program/task code". But sometimes it didn't and program download successfully.
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Author:  tfriez [ Wed Jul 09, 2008 11:03 am ]
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Make sure that your RCX is covered completely. Sometimes the IR transmitter could get interference that prevents it from successfully sending the program.

You can also try re-downloading firmware to the RCX.

Author:  winston smith [ Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:42 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Code downloading error (RCX, RobotC for Mindstorms v1.10

I think this is firmware issue. I myself keep getting the problem and it has not logical reason. I put a box over the tower and rcx durring download and it still does the transmission error on occasion. In fact the only way that I have observed to overcome the issue is to do the following:
look carefully at the LCD display of the RCX
if the write symbol comes off then move the ir tower so that it does not see the reciever.
wait a second max more if you change the variables in the advanced box of the tower dirver cofiguration GI
then move the tower back
keep moving the ir tower around and around sometimes not seeing sometime seeing (the rcs really doesn,t like this I get a runtime error a lot "flasing man sysbol"

Why i say this is a firmware issue is that i tried several RCX units and towers all have the same issue.
light cond. is also not an issue
i reinstalled robotC and redownleaded the firmware several times
still the error.
the leaves only something problematic with the unit itself or the firmware.
however another program "robolab" does work , providing the batties are fully charged (actully that should be apparent for all cases) , the rcx is able to download everytime.
this leaves only the firmware that robotc uses.
This can also be varified by my flimsy solution. It confuses the transmitter to think that the rcx is not responding to it retrys a certain code segment( not really sure about this one) so that way the transmission runtime does not crash, as I think it does.

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