Troubleshooting the NXT
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Author:  Korndog [ Fri May 03, 2013 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Troubleshooting the NXT

Is there an index of problems that the students may encounter when programming the NXT in ROBOTC, that I could use as a reference? I had one group of students tell the robot a reverse motor command, followed by a forward motor command. It was written correctly, but then the robot went into reverse mode again without it being told to do so. I tried turning off the NXT and quitting the software and then re-downloading the program. Same results. I have had another robot track a line a maybe 15% power when the students have told it 50% power. A troubleshooting guide would be most useful.


Author:  mightor [ Fri May 03, 2013 10:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Troubleshooting the NXT

Without the program that was causing this issue, there is really no telling what the problem could be.

= Xander

Author:  JohnWatson [ Fri May 03, 2013 11:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Troubleshooting the NXT

mightor wrote:
Without the program that was causing this issue, there is really no telling what the problem could be.

= Xander

I agree with Xander, we will need to see the program before we are able to help debug it.

There are a couple of resources I recommend for all ROBOTC programmers. The first is ourROBOTC Video Trainer Curriculum for NXT/TETRIX. This curriculum assumes no prior knowledge of programming or robotics and walks the programmer, step by step, through setting up a robot, configuring it with ROBOTC, and programming the robot. It starts with basic concepts (moving forward, turning, time-based movements, etc) and gradually introduces more complex programming options (sensors, encoder-based movement, timers, functions, etc). I always suggest that programmers new to ROBOTC go through the Video Curriculum Trainer at least once, but it never hurts to look through it for a refresher either.

We also have a ROBOTC-specific wiki that contains a wealth of information about all things ROBOTC related. We have NXT, TETRIX, and MATRIX specific sections, each with information for its specific platform. There are also sections that cover more generic ROBOTC and C-based programming topics, most of which can be found in our General Programming section. The wiki is constantly being updated with new content and materials, so check back often!

As always, there is also the forums (which you are already signed up for, thank you for joining the ROBOTC community!) which contains many community members who are always happy to help (including the ones you have already met). There are a couple of good tips you can follow to get clear, quick responses:

1) If you have code and it is giving you problems, we will need to see it using the [code] tags. This will allows us to look through, debug possible issues, and work with you to find a solution to the problem.
2) The more detailed information you can give on any problem (including code), the better and quicker we will be able to assist you. It's easier for us to read a long, descriptive post with a full description of the issue than attempt to decipher the issue from a short, one-sentence description of the problem.
3) We don't give homework answers :) We are more than happy to point students to the correct resources, but will not give any student (middle school, high school, college, or otherwise) full code for homework assignments.
4) The more polite the question, the more polite the answers.

These are not specifically aimed at you or this post (nothing you have said or done has been considered discourteous or annoying, etc), just general tips that should be kept in mind when posting. Again, welcome to the ROBOTC community, and I hope this post has helped!

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