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NXTBee NXT programming problem 
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Post NXTBee NXT programming problem
Hello I'm having problem with compiling my program as an error for nxtReadRawHS is coming up. I am a novice when it comes to programming.

Code starts here:

#pragma platform(NXT)

int power = 0; // Global variable for power.
int steer = 0; // Global variable for steering.

void setupHighSpeedLink()
// Initialize port S4 to “high speed” mode.
nxtHS_Mode = hsMsgModeMaster;
void ReadResponse()
byte BytesRead[3]; // Array we’ll be reading into.
nxtReadRawHS(BytesRead[0], 3); // Read the array.

if(BytesRead[0] == '/') { // If we catch the null, read the next three things.
power = BytesRead[1]-70; // -70 is left, 70 is right
steer = BytesRead[2]-100; // -100 is Back, 100 is forward
//direc = BytesRead[3]; // “0? is forward, “1? is reverse.

task main()
bNxtLCDStatusDisplay = true; // Enable top status line display
//Setup the link to be a high-speed link.
bFloatDuringInactiveMotorPWM = true; // The motors WILL coast when power is not appli
//int motorpower = 0; // Variable holds the power.
//The test will continue until an error occurs or
//the enter button on the brick is pressed.
while(nNxtButtonPressed != kEnterButton)
wait1Msec(MS_TO_DELAY); // Put in place to not overload the system.
ReadResponse(); // Check the steering, power, and direction.
// Direction and power.
//if(direc == 0){
// motorpower = power;
// motorpower = power*-1;
motor[motorA] = steer;
motor[motorB] = power;
motor[motorC] = power;
// Change Course
//int steer_posn = steer; // Steer Posn is going to be between -90 and 90
//int rx_posn = nMotorEncoder[motorB]; // This is where our motor posn is right now.
//int tx_posn = steer_posn; // Set the target for Motor Encoder of Motor B to 360.
//if(tx_posn > rx_posn){
// motor[mosteer = (tx_posn-rx_posn)/2;
// nMotorEncoderTarget[motorB] = rx_posn - tx_posn;
//if(tx_posn < rx_posn){
// motor[motorB] = (tx_posn - rx_posn)/2;
// nMotorEncoderTarget[motorB] = tx_posn - rx_posn;
//if(tx_posn > rx_posn){
// motor[motorC] = (tx_posn-rx_posn)/2;
// nMotorEncoderTarget[motorC] = rx_posn - tx_posn;
//if(tx_posn < rx_posn){
// motor[motorC] = (tx_posn - rx_posn)/2;
// nMotorEncoderTarget[motorC] = tx_posn - rx_posn;
//string steer_posn_str;
//StringFormat(steer_posn_str, "%3d", steer_posn);

Just wondering if anyone could help me please.

Sun Oct 21, 2012 4:24 pm

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Post Re: NXTBee NXT programming problem
2 questions;

   nxtReadRawHS(BytesRead[0], 3); // Read the array.

   if(BytesRead[0] == '/') { // If we catch the null, read the next three things.

on the first line, I'll admit, I get so turned around by what is and is not correct on pointers (and is a prime reason pointers are a bad thing and left behind for the most part) - but that looks to me like it would interpret the VALUE of bytesread[0] as an address - that is probably not a good thing. I think you want either BytesRead or &bytesRead[0].

Secondly, character '/' is not a null, so as long as you are sending it as a terminator/delimiter, the code is fine, just that the comment does not match up. General convention is to send a 0x02 - start of transmission STX (actually a 0x10 and a 0x02 DLE-STX), but by no means a requirement (and end it with a 0x10 and 0x03 DLE-ETX, this help re-synchronize when bytes get dropped, a hint for future reference).

edit; BTW - as a novice programmer, I have seen far worse code from professionals - keep it up!

Mike aka Spiked3

Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:15 pm
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