remote controll 2 nxts simultaneusly
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Author:  nxtguru [ Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:18 am ]
Post subject:  remote controll 2 nxts simultaneusly

I have been working on the design of a fourwheeled omnibot, using meccanum wheels. To make that work i need four motors. I have bought 1 extra intelligent brick and 3 motors.

My idea is to use both nxt's on the robot, and get the two nxt's to communicate via bluetooth. The master will do the thinking, and just pass motor values to the slave.

This is no problem. Howewer i would like to be able to remote controll it as well. I have remote controlled several robots over BT before, using my joystick via the debugger. :programmer:

Got my second nxt yesterday and starts to program when i discover that the bluetooth debugger doesent work while the nxt is connected to another nxt. :breakcomputer:

Does anybody know a way to go around this.

I have a wii mote if that could be part of the solution.

I really apritiate any help. :D

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