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* [[OurCS event]]
* [[OurCS event]]
* [[Equipment List]]
* [[Equipment List]]
* [[Internal Developments and Reference]]

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Picture of a VEX Cortex, Arduino and Lego NXT.
MultiRobot Hardware

This is the current homepage for the development of the "Multi-Robot Communications" part of Carnegie Mellon's FIRE Project. This Wiki contains all of the current developments of the Multi-Robot project including sample lessons, demonstrations, labs and reference for starting to use Multi-Robot capabilities with ROBOTC.

Our project is focusing on using 3 different types of hardware - IFI VEX Cortex, LEGO Mindstorms NXT and Arduino Mega controllers. Using the Xbee wireless radio hardware, we'll be able to communicate with each individual controller using easy to use commands and functions inside of ROBOTC.

Our goal is to bring a difficult concept like Multi-Robot Communication to High School students in an easy to use, easy to understand fashion.

Multi-Robot Lessons


Multi-Robot Labs (with Solutions and Exercises)

More Example Labs

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