List of ROBOTC Bugs

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  • If two user defined functions occur on the same line (i.e. are compared in an if statement), they will always return the same value.
  • If the NXT brick crashes while connected to the computer, RobotC crashes as well.
  • Strings have a maximum length of 19 chars (at least with strlen).
  • SendStringAdv hangs if no receiver is present when the function is called, i.e., no re-sending, so if the receiver isn't actively listening, the sender is stuck
  • RC_atoi doesn't work for negative numbers
  • If you #include "a.h", and "b.h", but b.h includes a.h, you get an error

Missing features:

  • Matching braces in the editor
  • Automatically call InitRS485() the first time a communication function is called
  • strlen