2 Robots Meeting Up

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This is the second lab that follows after Lesson 8 of the Lesson Curriculum. The initial positions of both robots are known, and one robot has to compute the actions required in order for both robots to meet-up, such that both robots travel the minimum possible distance.

To do so, each robot has to turn a certain amount to face each other, and then both robots move forward to each cover half the distance between them. These actions, once computed by one robot, is communicated to the other robot, so that both robots perform the actions simultaneously.

This lab's purpose is both to reinforce Lessons 1-8, and also to reinforce geometry concepts. The arc-tangent function (atan) is used to compute the angles that the robots have to turn to face each other. The Pythagoras' theorem is then used to compute the distance between both robots. Finally, multi-robot communication concepts have to be applied so that the robots perform the actions simultaneously.