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ROBOTC Webinars are a great way to learn more about ROBOTC, before or after you are a user!


Each webinar will cover all aspects of ROBOTC, from the interface to the powerful debugger and more. Webinars are free to
attend and do not require a purchase of ROBOTC. Anyone is welcome!


Latest Webinars

VEX Cortex Webinars



Programming the VEX Gyro in ROBOTC


PLTW Webinars using the VEX Cortex and Natural Language



Session 1: While Loops Part 1


Session 2: While Loops Part 2


Session3: If-Else Statements


BEST Competition (using CORTEX) Webinars



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The following webinars will be recorded weekly starting September 8th.
Please check back regularly for updates:



FTC Competition Webinars



View FREE FTC webinars!

The following webinars will be recorded weekly.
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Webinar Archive

Beginner ROBOTC for
Mindstorms NXT


Intermediate ROBOTC for Mindstorms NXT


Archived Webinars:
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Week 1 Webinar - Getting Started - 39MB - .wmv

  • Downloading firmware, Downloading a sample program, running motors

Week 2 Webinar - PID and While Loops - 40MB - .wmv

  • PID, syncing

Week 3 Webinar - While Loops and Timers - 40MB - .wmv

  • PID (review), While Loops, Timers, Sensors

Week 4 Webinar - Variables and Functions - 35MB - .wmv

  • Variables, Functions, Functions with Parameters

Week 5 Webinar - Questions and Answers - 53MB - .wmv

  • Q&A

Archived Webinars:

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Week 1 Webinar - Functions, Debugging, Include Files - 35MB - .wmv

  • Functions, Functions with Parameters, Debugging, Include files

Week 2 Webinar - Variables, Step Debugging, Breakpoints - 27MB - .wmv

  • Include files, Variables, Global Variables window, Step debugging, breakpoints

Week 3 Webinar - Sensors and Debugging Sensors - 22MB - .wmv

  • Using Sensors, Debugging Sensors

Week 4 Webinar - Tasks - 26MB - .wmv

  • tasks

Week 5 Webinar - LCD Screen - 28MB - .wmv

  • LCD Screen


Learning ROBOTC for



Learning ROBOTC for
FTC Mindstorms


Archived Webinars:
Week 2 Webinar - Firmware and Sample Programs - 46MB - .wmv
Week 3 Webinar - While Loops, Timers, and Remote Control - 57MB - .wmv
Week 4 Webinar - Sensors - 63MB - .wmv
Week 5 Webinar - Encoders, Functions, Functions with Parameters, Variables- 70MB - .wmv
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Archived Webinars:
Week 1 Webinar - Firmware and Sample Programs- 60MB - .wmv
Week 2 Webinar - Bluetooth, Joysticks, and Servos- 81MB - .wmv
Week 3 Webinar - Autonomous, FTCConfig.txt, and Encoders- 83MB - .wmv
Week 4 Webinar - Timers and Sensors - 72MB - .wmv
Week 5 Webinar - Variables, Functions, and Parameters - 70MB - .wmv
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* To view the recorded webinars, you must download the Webinar Video Codec (2.3MB - EXE) before viewing.
* Playing the webinars inside of your web browser may lead to a black screen with audio only.
* After registering, please read the GoToWebinar Attendee Quick Reference Guide (PDF) for more information
on how the webinar will work.


* All webinars will be recorded and available for viewing at this site after they have occured.

* Webinars require the installation of the "GoToWebinar" viewer software.